Measure your tumbler and enter the circumference and height below. 

This will give you a rough estimate of the total number of rhinestones you’ll need for a tumbler using one of the 4 sizes below. 

This is only an estimate, since the circumference of the rhinestones is an average of the range they could be.  You may find you need a more or less than shown in the table below.

Looking for the Stacked Method Rhinestone Calculator?  Click here

Honeycomb Method Rhinestone Calculator

Honeycomb Method
Rhinestone Calculator

Enter the diameter and height of your tumbler in inches:

Estimated Rhinestones Needed for Honeycomb Method
Rhinestone Size Estimated Rhinestones per Row Estimated Number of Rows Estimated Total Rhinestones Needed Estimated 10 Gross Bags of Rhinestones Needed