Calculate Estimated Rhinestones Needed for a Tumbler

Are you trying to figure out how many rhinestones you’ll need to order for a design you’ve created? 

Are you trying to create a design and need a starting point for how many rhinestones per row and how many rows without having to physically glue rhinestones on a tumbler?  

These calculators will give you an estimate of the total number of rhinestones you’ll need for a tumbler including estimates for ss06, ss10, ss16, ss20. 

The calculated results are only an estimate since the circumference of the rhinestones is an average of the range they could be.  

Because rhinestone sizes may fall within a range, you may find you need a more or less than shown.

Step 1: Measure the circumference (in inches) of your tumbler and the height (in inches).

Step 2: Click on the button below of the method you are planning to use.  

Since the rhinestones are nestled between the rhinestones of the previous row, usually you will have more rows than you would using the Stacked Method.

Since the rhinestones are stacked on  the rhinestones of the previous row, usually you will have less rows than you would using the Honeycomb Method.

Click one of the buttons on the left to use the calculators.

This is an example image of what the calculator looks like.  It is not functional.